Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Trinity, Irish Pub & Carvery - Atlantic City, New Jersey

If you frequent Atlantic City at all you may have heard about The Pier at Caesar's. For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, let me fill you in. The Pier is essentially a pretty large and fairly high-end mall for the first 2 floors, but the top floor features bars and restaurants.

The Trinity, Irish Pub & Carvery is my focus here. It's got a very promising look. They've done a great job making it look like a classic pub. When inside, I could almost forget that I was actually in a newly built mall that sits amongst many casinos.

Unfortunately, I just haven't been able to get into this place. Keith and I went on July 3rd, a night that we expected would bring the partiers out. We were mistaken. I'm not sure if we just happened to choose a bad day or if the place just hasn't been able to pull a crowd, but it was a nearly empty bar.

Now, this isn't something that will definitely turn me off of a bar; I often like a quiet setting for a cold one. The real turn off here was the horrendous music. When we had first come in there was a Flogging Molly song playing - not necessarily my favorite, but Irish and kind of fun to listen to. It all went far downhill from there. Slow, boring song after slow, boring song was what followed. Some of the most depressing songs I could think of were being played and it was just not making feel like I wanted to stay. I actually felt like I needed to drink my cider as quickly as possible so I could get out of there before true depression set in.

Ok, so, on a positive note it did have some good brews offered up. I was able to get my cider, as you might expect since it is an Irish pub.

I think I might give it one more chance one of these days on a Saturday night at midnight where if it's still the same as I found it last time, then I'll be sure that there's no hope for this place.

The Trinity was not a winner for me.


The Trinity, Irish Pub & Carvery
The Pier at Caesar's 3rd Floor
Atlantic City, NJ


Blogger Keith said...

This is actually an old review that just never got posted until recently. So let me post a follow-up because we went there again on what should have been a good night, and it still sucked. Non-existent vibe, crappy food, no redeeming values. They really tried to make it feel like an Irish pub, they missed whatever makes a place like Tierney's (reviewed above) feel warm and inviting. Trinity Pub just feels cold, uninviting, empty. Part of it might be that it's too big for the amount of clientele it attracts. But a place like Ri Ra (reviewed below) is not a small, warm, inviting Irish pub either... but they realize that and make it work as a big party bar. Trinity Pub's biggest problem is that it is a big personality-less bar that thinks it isn't. To sum it up, not going back.

Monday, September 07, 2009 11:24:00 AM  

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