Thursday, August 13, 2009

Arlo & Esme - New York, NY

Arlo & Esme... certainly a unique name, and it's really quite an interesting place. Upon entry to the small room, I quite instantly felt comfortable. The painted white brick wall interior, dark wood trim, and simple furnishings actually have a bit of a homey feel - it's something I'd want a room in my house to look like some day.

So, first impressions, great. As I contemplated my drink order I realized I was seeing pretty few beer selections and I was starting to worry that this beautiful place was not going to be a bar I frequented. I got myself a Stella and moved on, temporarily. I knew that there was a downstairs to this bar and hoped things might improve - drink wise - there.

After a drink or two we made our way downstairs to find a cool New York basement, donned with brick archways into something like 5 different areas to chill, stand, dance, and of course drink. Yes, I did say dance - it was for a good friend's birthday, hey there's a first for everything, and I can post on a place that has dancing if I want to.

We made our way to the downstairs bar and were very pleasently surprised to see a large beer selection, which included Keith's current favorite, Six Point Bengali Tiger! I found myself an organic brown ale, which I enjoyed very much.

To begin to wrap up, I wish I liked dancing more because I would probably find myself here a bunch if I did. And honestly, I would probably be able to ignore the dancing part of things if it didn't get so incredibly crowded later into the night.

So, if you like good beer, like to dance, and are cool with being in a really crowded bar, I'd say you should check this place out. For me, I doubt I'll be going back here unless I get invited by my best friend again.


42 E 1st Street
New York, NY
(212) 777-5617


Blogger Keith said...

I'm glad you noted that it was very crowded; the crowd might be enough to keep us away indefinitely. When we got there, it was actually really cool, the downstairs is sort of cellar-like in a good way, and there were great beers as you said. However, later in the night the DJ started up and there was dancing and tons of people. Some dude wanted to fight me, there was vomit on the floor in the corner. Don't get me wrong, it's a cool place, and if you like crowded party places this place is better than most. Just wasn't really my scene in the end.

Saturday, September 19, 2009 3:50:00 PM  

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